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About us...

About us....


Botany Farm House is ancient , hidden away down a country track , surrounded by a rampant garden . There are no neighbours just woods and fields .

We purchased Botany over 30 years ago when it was derelict and a wreck. Friends and local's alike laughed at us at the time. Comments such as "you'll never fix that place" and "You wont last a year" were made. 30 years on...we are still here and so is Botany.....

We kept the interior as original as possible but still comfortable but rest assured we do have modern plumbing and heating.


The house has very thick cob walls (made of mud, its traditional round here) and small paned windows. To this day you can still see where the people who built Botany dug the earth from to build it!

The whole house is very cottagey and atmospheric with varnished floors, lots of old rugs, exposed brick and wooden beams. The walls have rosy wallpaper and the bedrooms have patchwork quilts, black and brass beds and chintzy curtains (we have quite a collection of chintzy things!).


Carol & Graham.​

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